Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Blog Review

2014 was certainly an interesting year professionally with many great highlights to celebrate as well as many great jumping points for continued growth and learning.  Over the last couple weeks, I've seen/read numerous posts with a blog review and since I have one that I am keeping current, I thought it would be a great idea to take some time to reflect and review.  Probably my favorite review I saw was from Jessica Johnson (@principalJ).  As well as sharing some thoughts and top posts, she shared a Wordle created from her blog RSS feed.  I thought this was a brilliant way to see if I was staying accountable to what I wanted by blog to be.  Was I staying true to my stated purposes and enhance the identity I wish to develop!?

General Reflections
I started it and kept clicking publish - this was one of the things I mentioned in the first posts.  Being truly transparent, I struggle with anxiety.  This manifests itself, among other things, in many unreasonable thoughts about myself.  This blog has been very healthy in overcoming and battle some of those thoughts!  Next step: growing the interactive part of my blog: growing comments and discussion.

I need to continue to take my own advice - I posted 3 times with blogging advice.  Some times I did a great job of following that advice, other times not so much.  Next step: keep sharing those thoughts as I have them and go back and review them (prior to an end of year review...)

The Wordle - I won't lie, I like picture these words paint about my blog this past 5 months!

  • Loves: the focus of learning, growth, community, students and purpose!  
  • Surprises: "story" is so small!  Feel like that is a focus of many posts!

Top 5 Posts (as determined by views)
  5. Blogging Advice from a 3 Week Veteran
  4. 5 Ways to Create Better Content for Your School Sites
  3. Social Media & Schools: The C&I Post
  2. Your School's Story
  1. Social Media & Schools; The Engagement Post

Goals for 2015
I'm keeping it simple with goals.  There is plenty going on in life outside of this blog and I want to keep momentum with some appropriate goals that will continue to grow the impact I wish my blog to have upon those that come to read and share!

  • Grow the engagement portion
  • Stick to my posting expectations
As part of this post, I'm tagging/challenging some folks to do the same if they haven't yet.  Let's call it the 2014 Blog Review Challenge!  Here's what to do:
  • Leave a comment for the person that challenged you.
  • Write a post with the reflections, top posts and goals.
  • Challenge a few more folks!
  • Have fun with it!
Happy New Year & Happy Posting!



  1. Great challenge Brett! I think being transparent and real is a struggle for many including myself. My most recent blog post was a long time coming. Thanks for the challenge and I'll tag once I complete it!

  2. I accept your challenge. I have really let my blog slide this school year. Making the excuse that I am too busy is not acceptable. I am hoping to turn it around this new year. Thanks.

    1. I have found myself in that same spot towards the end of 2014! We can hold each other accountable!