Friday, August 22, 2014

Blogging Advice from a 3 Week Veteran

Of course after three weeks, I should be giving advice because I know so much!  Ha!  Probably not, but there have been some key things that I've picked up plus I want to encourage those thinking about it or are just a few short weeks in like me.
  • Have multiple posts drafted - One of the things that I was most worried about when starting this journey was if I would have enough content to make it worth while to even blog.  I'm happy to say that 3 weeks in that it has not been an issue which has built confidence to continue!  At the time I am writing this, I have nine (9) drafted posts ranging from ready to publish to notes jotted on the fly.
  • Write thoughts as soon as you have them- see the first sentence above about my concerns again!  Pretty sure I stole this a from George Couros (@gcouros) blogging post, but it rings 100% true.  If I don't have something to take the idea down right away, it's gone!  For the blog, I simply installed the blogger app on all my devices (of which I always have one with me...I probably have a problem...) and when an idea strikes me, I open the app and start a new post with that thought.  It takes maybe 30 seconds.  Then, I've fed into the thought above.  On a side note, I apply this same strategy from my songwriting except I prefer the Evernote Moleskin notebook as my medium for that.  There's just something about have those thoughts and that process down on paper.
  • Do some homework - during one of my morning sessions, I took some time to read up on when to post because I wasn't satisfied with the number of views I was seeing.  Let me be clear.  I'm writing first because I enjoy it and think I have some valuable things that share. I would encourage you to keep those things in mind as you jump in and/or continue.  But I do want to make the most impact I can, so I did some home work.  Here are some resources for you if you are interested:
  • Don't give analytics more time than they deserve - this is placed well after the previous learning.  Analytics are great for growth and improving of your platform.  Jon Acuff (@jonacuff) talks and warns not to be consumed by them and I can see how that can quickly happen.  I give myself one peek at the analytics a day for the purpose of growth and improvement.
  • Dedicate the time - Time had always been the obstacle for me.  I have two amazing kids and an incredibly hot wife all of whom value my time has daddy and husband, respectively.  I started this journey my first (official) day back on contract and have gotten up at 5:00a very weekday morning to study and write.  It has been incredibly motivating!  To learn more about the #5AMClub via the 30 Days of Hustle, check out Jon Acuff's blog.
  • Click Publish! - This has been the hardest part for me.  As I stated in my first post three weeks ago, I am apt to think my thoughts are less than they are or should be.  That first click was incredibly hard for me, but each post after has gotten a little bit easier.
I'll finish by saying your thoughts are worth it and you have something valuable to share!

Blog away!


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