Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Blogging Advice from a 9 Week Veteran

So I've continued to learn some things as I've continued on this blogging journey! That's a good thing!  I posted a number of weeks back on some things that I'd picked up along the way and still find that they are valuable  key learnings and 6 weeks later.  Again, I'll say I'm not the end all, be all when it comes to this practice, but here are a few more things that might be useful in your on own blogging venture!

  • Share something everyday! - I post new content 2-3 times per week, but on those in between days I have been tweeting posts from previous days and weeks. My purpose is to share ideas, it's OK to share them more than just a single time. If your twitter feed looks anything like mine, you're going to catch new folks each time you post.  
  • Write it down - the active process of writing these thoughts down has truly freed my mind. It's almost like the kids cleaning up the playroom and getting toys organized and in bins. It frees up space to play and makes it a more pleasant place! I've found that I'm more focused on what I need to at any given time with these thoughts and ideas on this platform. It's like there is one (or two, maybe) less things on my mind to clutter and get in the way of what I need to do in the moment.
  • Patience - this is not a strength for me... I'm still getting up early to dedicate the time in this hustle, but find it difficult to draw the line in regards to the time I've set aside specifically to blog because I haven't finished the post or readership isn't growing as fast as I'd like, etc. At times like this, I remind myself of the reason for blogging. It is to reflect, connect ideas and share with others. That is not done overnight and I refuse to share something or put something out that is not of the highest quality! That usually helps to relax and settle down. It also helps me to remember that I set a pretty reasonable expectations as to how many times I'd post per week. Check my bio page for that!
  • Don't forget your priorities - to be fully transparent, I have caught myself opening up the blog at times when maybe I shouldn't. I've really thought about those moments when it has happened and it is usually a time when I open to jot a note or idea and it stays open and I begin to write because the words are coming. I think this is what Dave Burgess is talking about when he says: "For most of us, creative genius is developed through hard work, directed attention, and relentless engagement in the creative process."  I would encourage you to fight this urge if it's not the right time! Work time needs to be work time, however you feel about your job. Jon Acuff talks a great deal about this in his book Quitter. Family time needs to be family time. There is nothing important enough for us to sacrifice the time we spend with our spouses and kids when it is time for that. If you haven't yet, I again, encourage your to try the #5AMClub idea. There is nothing to be sacrificed at 5AM. Well, maybe sleep, but I've finally gotten better at getting to bed a little earlier which as helped tremendously.
  • "Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle!" - easier said than done and I battle this everyday. This is totally related to the patience idea above. I have a terrible tendency to compare myself to others. I look at great blogs and the work of great folks like Amber Teamann, Rafranz Davis, Todd Nesloney, Joe Sanfelippo, Joe Mazza, and the like and truthfully get frustrated sometimes that I'm not there yet! Seems almost silly as I write it because I'm in a totally different spot in the journey that those folks. That's why this Jon Acuff quote is so relevant for me. There are goals to strive for and they need to be big, hairy, audacious goals! There are also reasonable steps and timelines in which to achieve them. Read great blogs and follow great folks that are going to help you grow in your journey! Beware in drawing comparisons!
I always want to be the guy who is learning and I want to get better at sharing.  Again, I have thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity and have found it highly motivating to get up each morning and put thought to paper, so to speak.  I hope you find encouragement in whatever place in this journey you find yourself!

Happy posting


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