Wednesday, August 6, 2014

5 Ways to Create Better Content for Your School Sites

I enjoyed this article.  In the great adventure to lead and build a learning community and establishing a school identity, I found these thoughts wonderful in helping to create some connections with our school community and bringing them along in the journey!  The link is below but, here are the ways shared to create build better content and brand with some school connections!

How To Create Better Content For Your Personal Brand  
  1. Write better content.  It seems that is the key to success with any blog or social media venture and it is the #1 preached point for those wishing to establish a platform.  We haven't gotten into a great deal of depth as far as creating content (although Touchcast is hopefully going to help us with this!), but we do put out things on our webpage and social media iin which our community will be interested.  More when we hit number five!
  2. Put community first.  This is probably an area where we need to improve.  We often post and share important information as well as content we feel our community needs, but have yet to really seek out what THEY want and need  as far as content goes!  If I were to give feedback on this article, I might say that this should be #1 as putting community first is going to help in the writing/sharing of better content!  We desire to continue to build relationship so we can better do #1 better!
  3. Know where to share your content.  Meet people where they are! My thought here is to provide a variety of opportunities and let your community make a choice (the spice of life, right!?).  We keep up a webpage, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts as well as meeting those that desire something physical in hand.  It seems like a ton of work, but with the right tools and a great team, we make it work to the benefit of our school community!
  4. Curate relevant content your network will value.  We talked about creating content in number one.  This is about bringing together resources.  Specific needs of our community we learn about in surveys and conversation.  Right now I curate a called the Parent intERESt that attempts to address the most common question we get: "How can I help my kiddo at home?".  We desire to provided learning opportunities for our parents and community so they can better support their kiddos!  We can't do this work alone!
  5. Create a variety of content.  After a year of consistent (pretty) and dedicated social media use at Eagle Ridge (@EagleRidgeKISD), we found, after some analyzing, that our posts broke down in to five (5) types: information, celebration, learning, curriculum & instruction and engagement posts (I plan to post more on these later).  I believe that these help to create variety that is important to keep our parent and community coming back to check out our sites.  We are also very careful that variety doesn't become bombardment!  Over posting can be just as dangerous as not posting enough!
What are some ways that you are creating some great content for your parents and community?



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