Community Connections Academy
  • TEPSA Summer Conference 2015
  • Technology in Action Conference 2015
Twitter 101 - Building a Professional Learning Network (PLN)
  • TEPSA Summer Conference 2015

Harness the Power of Social Media to Tell Your Story
  • TEPSA Summer Conference/TASSP Summer Workshop 2015
  • Advancing the Improvement of Education (AIE) Conference 2014
Tech Talk - Peer-to-Peer Discussion - Panel
  • TASSP Summer Workshop
Social Media in Creating Campus Culture and Improving Communication - Panel
  • Louisiana Association of Principals Fall Assistant Principal's Conference
Reinventing a Mental Model: True Stories of Creating a 21st Century School from Scratch
  • TASSP Summer Workshop
Framing Literacy Instruction at the Elementary Level: A Balanced Approach
  • TEPSA Summer Conference
  • TASA/TASB Fall Conference
  • ESC 6 Annual Reading Conference
EdCamp Fort Worth Organizational Committee

#TxEd Chat Moderator

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