Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I Don't Want to be a Special Guest

I don't want to be a special guest.  Not at school or in a classroom, at least.

This past Thursday, I was out and about visiting classrooms, walking through, checking things out.  Nothing super official yet, but really trying to work on being present where the learning happens.  I ended up hanging out a little longer in a 4th grade classroom where an interactive read aloud was taking place (a shared book will always catch my attention).  As the teacher read, then made her calculated stops to ask questions, driving the objective of point of view, she asked the question, "what do you think the point of view of our special guest will be?"  A number of the students who had noticed me come in turned to look at me.

At that moment, I knew the value of my classroom visit goal.  I do not want to be a special guest.  Not at school or in a classroom.  The "special guest" title indicates that it is a once in a while type of visit or a rarity.  As an instructional leader, I cannot afford to not be in touch with the instruction that is taking place in the classroom or to not provide feedback to teachers on their practice!  Classroom presence is as much a priority as a 504 or special education case load (which is pretty large at a campus of 800+), but just due to the nature of what they are, those visits may require a little bit different level of accountability.

I will always be a guest in classrooms, but I do not want to be a special guest.  Not at school or in classrooms, at least.  I'll take regular visitor.  The kind that enters and receives a glance then it's back to business.  No special treatment or pomp and circumstance or introductions that comes along with being a special guest.

So, no question to finish off today.  Just a call for accountability.  Let's blog, tweet and talk about our visits.  Ask me about my goal and expect me to share something great I saw or a conversation I had with a student or teacher!



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