Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Blogging Advice from a 4 Month Veteran

It has happened to me.  I knew it would, but the "when" was the only question.  That time when I think,"what do I write about?"  That great idea and thought to keep a list of thoughts as soon as I have them (which still works) is wonderful, but the problem is that pool is drying (-ied) up.

What's changed?  Reflecting over the last four months or so there are some things that are different.  Situations always change, but we know as leaders, we must be prepared, flexible and persistent in the things that are most important in our growth and work.

  • Motivation - there is always a time when the newness wears off and I believe that there is a little bit of that at play here.  Ideas have dwindled, so has the desire to get up and go.  The idea of DEVOLSON is at play, too.  We have all seen the graphic of teacher morale and it is absolutely truth.
  • Time - This is not where I opine  about not having enough time in the day.  When I began, I was up and at 'em 4:50a and there was a solid hour (remember my #5amclub thoughts??).  As time passed, that solid hour become 50 minutes to where now that has eroded about 30 minutes, which you can imagine doesn't leave a whole lot of room for writing and preparing at a pace of 2-3 posts per week.  
  • Connection - in the mix of life, time, motivation, I have not read anywhere near as much.  I have become distant from the Twitter.  These are two huge connecting points points and places where I draw a great deal of ideas and, let's be honest, motivation.  With the latter mentioned, these struggles, facts of life, whatever you call them become a cycle.

There is great news: This cycle has two trends, upward and downward, and we get to choose which way to move!  It has been a slow descent over the last month or so for me, but the opportunity to begin the climb is there.  I encourage those reading to stick to it and continue your good work.  If you are like me you derive joy and satisfaction in putting thought to paper, sharing ideas and engaging with readers (working on how to build this more).  For me this is about choice and persistence!  It is about rolling out when the alarm goes off and making reading a part of my routine.  That is the key for me.  I am a routine oriented person and I am working to reestablish a routine that will foster and upward trend to the cycle.  It for sure can be done!

Have you been in this place?  Are you there now?  Share your thoughts, strategies and ideas!!

Happy posting!


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