Who I Am

I am currently the assistant principal at Eagle Ridge Elementary in the Keller ISD with teaching and administrative experiences ranging PK - 8. I am passionate about early literacy and quality learning and leadership experiences for all!

I am a 21st century, student driven, digital leader. Not only do I believe in and work tirelessly towards the development of the power of quality teachers, instruction and learning experiences, I am willing, prepared and practiced in the risk-taking necessary to transform teaching and learning so we are preparing students for a future we know little about. I understand that technology is a powerful tool in creating connections with families and community which are necessary to have the support to see any innovation become successful in schools.

Brought up in a military family, I do not fear change or movement and possess the necessary grit to be flexible and drive through the difficulties that come with daily routines or the lack thereof. In 13 years of marriage to a beautiful and supportive wife and mother, I continually learn the value and importance of balance as well as the support systems that make the work in schools a reality and most effective on a daily basis. As a father of two school age children, I identify with and share the role of parent and have a keen insight as to the desire to have my students grow in their ability to chase dreams and desires for the future. 13 years of education experience in K-8 teaching and administrative roles has grown passions for the beauty of literacy instruction, engaging learning experiences as well as the role of technology to connect learners to their learning and parents to the school experience.

Here are a few things that others have to say:
“I want to tell you that Brett Stamm is a man of integrity, character, honesty, hard work and holds himself to a high standard. He is a godly man who lives it out every day. He is positive and a good listener...He has compassion for staff, children and families. - Cherry Hendrick, Eagle Ridge parent
“I had the chance to watch Brett build relationships with the staff, students and also our families. He took the time to get to know them which allowed him to gain their trust.” - Janet Travis, Principal, Liberty Elementary
“Brett is known for his positive attitude, creative energy, great sense of humor, and his ability to have fun while getting things accomplished well.” - Carrie Jackson, Principal, Timberview Middle School 
“You have been a blessing to this community.” - Katrina Mohr, Eagle Ridge parent
The heart of my desire as an educator is for learning to be contagious and that begins with me! I strive to bring families, faculty and community together in relationship to create an amazing experience that sees students grow a love of lifelong learning as well as the ability to be contributors to learning as much as, if not more than they are consumers!

This Blog

I am fascinated by the idea of identity, so I write about the idea of school identity. As I continually develop and refined my own identity as a person/professional, I have come to realize that school organizations must have a clear sense of identity if we desire to do amazing things for and with kids! Within this I'll focus on topics of (in no particular order) school culture, vision, branding, instructional focus, leadership, social media and community and maybe a few others as they are appropriate and applicable. I believe these are vital areas and tools in building a school that has a clear sense of identity that allows a laser like focus on students. Through this platform, I want to share honest and transparent narrative, insights, learnings, etc. along that journey of establishing, developing and refining school and personal identity!

I will post an average two (2) times per week and I'd like to invite you to do a few things:
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Personal Bio

I was born in LaGrange, Illinois, but my family moved to Texas as quickly as possible. I am the son of a Naval aviator, so I have had the opportunity to travel and experience many wonderful things as I grew up. I consider myself to have grown up in Denton, Texas where I attended high school and where both my parents still reside. I attended Texas A&M University and was a member of the Corps of Cadets and the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band. I met my wife during my senior year and we have now been married for thirteen years. My wife is the Children's Ministry Director at Compass Christian Church in Roanoke and an amazing mother to our seven year old son, Wyatt, and five year old daughter, Mackenzie. We spend much of our time together as a family. I am able to exercise my love of music by serving our church worship team and do write music as the Spirit moves. I also enjoy fishing, playing racquetball and soccer, as well as other sports when the opportunity presents itself.