Friday, January 9, 2015

#APrincipalsDay Reflection

Emergency drills with Kindergarten!
31 degrees and windy!  Brrr!
Wednesday, EdWeek, asked principals to share glimpses of their day with the hashtag #APrincipalsDay.  What a beautiful idea to help inform an upcoming highlight of principals that will be coming out.  I, being active on Twitter, even though I'm not a principal yet, jumped in and shared.
The day was highlighted with freezing my face off at morning duty, ARD/IEP meetings, some informal classroom visits, working with students during emergency drills, phone calls with parents, some assessment prep (joy!) and of course shuffling some paper!

TELPAS & 504s!
It reminded me:
I work with an amazing team!
  • I love so many aspects my job!
  • I understand the value & importance of the parts I don't love as much!
  • Student success is won daily/hourly in the time spent, conversations had, partnerships created!
  • Kids & teachers are awesome!
  • The journey I'm on toward the principalship goal is worth it!

Hope everyone else found it as motivating and encouraging as I did!  What were some of your highlights!?  Share!

Happy Leading!


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