Where to Find Me

I believe that creating, developing and refining identity, whether personal or organizational, your narrative must be told and you must engage with others. Social media is is a powerful tool in which we can engage community and tell our stories!

About.me - this is a landing page to help connect all the places I invest in digitally.

Twitter - The education game changer!  I tell people often that Twitter changed the direction and quality of my career in education as it put learning, interests and connections at my fingertips, anytime.  I use this personally as well as a learning and connection tool, but also for my campus as a communication and learning platform!  
  • I also manage our campus Twitter account
Paper.li - Resource curation! Resources related to the development of school identity all curated to a single weekly periodical! I tell it where to pull content and Paper.li does the rest!  All content is from highly respected and reliable sources! 

Facebook - More personal than professional, but I have nothing to hide!  Come share life with me!  
  • I also manage our campus Facebook page. If you can't tell yet, I believe that social media is an important piece in share a campus story and journey and is a huge piece in developing that campus identity!
Instagram - Again more personal, than professional. This is a great visual timeline of life!
  • For Eagle Ridge, this is our visual and virtual "open door" to the great things happening on campus!