Tuesday, February 3, 2015

PBIS and Your School's Brand

We just completed our 3rd marking period and it is always a great celebration as our school comes together to review what makes us Eagle Ridge PROUD and to honor students that exemplify those traits on a daily basis!  It's also great to see kids and teachers let their hair down a bit and dance and play.  Here are a few amazing highlights from the experience:
  • 2nd PE award - certainly proud of the recipient, but I loved the spirit of the classmates that surrounded him.  They all jumped up,  congratulated and were so pumped for him as his name was called!  Understanding of others was certainly seen here in this moment!
  • Honoring of teachers - Each PROUD Crowd we honor teachers.  It is important that students see us honor teachers and the hard work they do everyday.  Specifically, a highlight was the emotion from one of our paraprofessionals as they were called!  Our paras play a huge role in being able to meet the needs of kids!  
  • Teachers dancing with kids - like I said, seeing teachers "let their hair down" is an awesome part of the experience.  One of our second grade teachers was dancing with a small group of her students and I thought to myself that she was taking advantage of a great opportunity to build relationship with her kids and have fun!  While there is great learning happening in her room, I have a feeling that these experiences will be something they hold on to and cherish!
  • Superintendent passing out awards - it is great when district leadership can experience the spirit and culture of a campus to add context to the numbers and scores.  We appreciated our superintendents presence!
When it comes to a school brand, the PBIS guidelines for success have helped us clearly establish and has become a mark of who we are.  It is the way our kids can articulate our campus mission and live our campus vision.  What makes us proud is our ability to exemplify each of those traits on a daily basis as we walk outside of the school walls to apply the great things we learn each day.  You are what you prioritize, honor and celebrate.  We are choosing to prioritize, honor and celebrate things that are lasting, relevant, meaningful, purposeful for not only students, but for our families and communities.  That is something that should and does make us want to be belong to the great things that are happening at Eagle Ridge.

What are some steps you have taken in establishing a school brand?

Happy branding!


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