Thursday, February 26, 2015

School: Building vs. Body

Is your school a place to go, a building, or is it a group of people loving on kids and serving just
about the highest purpose there is?

Here is an awesome tweet for you:

Is a school any different?  Maybe we should start referring to ourselves as "the school".  I hope you understand the idea, though.  School is a body of people carrying out a role that only a group of folks can.  The work of educating and growing students cannot solely be done by teachers.  It certainly can't be done by administrators.  Haha!  Parents count on us to educate their children, but I often find that they sell themselves short in their own importance in the role.  Not that they don't think it's important, but that they undersell and undervalue the things that they are often doing.

Isn't it funny that in school, that each of us have gifts and a role to play that is important in carrying out the work that we do?  Is that how our schools operate?  Do our people understand their role and how it interconnects and helps our kiddos reach their highest potential?  This can be a pretty tall order as far as culture shifts go depending on the situation.  Some parents drop their students off and believe their job is done.  Some teachers believe that "their" kids are "their" kids and they are an island when that door closes.  Some administrators believe they can push and administer their way to a great school.  All of these are false and contribute to the idea of school as a place at which to show up.  It is how we work together that should define us as a school versus the bricks and the word on a building.

How are you making your school more than just a building?

Happy schooling!


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