Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Five Big School Branding Questions

Deep down inside, I think we are clear on the need for connectedness within our school and our community.  We know we need to be close to the people we serve.  We understand that the power of relationship doesn't just work for us in the classroom, but for our campus as a whole as we do the important work we do each day!

 Here is where we should realize the importance of a school brand and really digging into the experience we wish to create for our students and families and ask some big branding questions:.

  • Why will people want to belong here?  
  • How will we help people feel that they belong?  
  • How do we establish the "things" that we do and ensure the align with the purposes, truths and beliefs on which we stand? 
  • What connections are we going to strategically create to enhance the school experience?  
  • Are those purposes, truths and beliefs articulateable (is that a word!?) by our students and community!?

You may think, why would a "brand" be important for a school?  That's business talk. True, but it is our business and if we check our calendars and to-do lists, it probably isn't getting the attention it should amongst the pressures of improvement, from whatever level, and mandates upon our time.  I certainly believe it is a question of effectiveness and sustainability!  When our community is on board, connected, have a sense of belonging and a clear and shared identity, we have the conditions in place to do amazing things for kids!

How are you focused upon building a school brand that people want to belong to?

Happy branding!


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