Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Joy & Growth Mindset

What happens when the happiness doesn't come?

There was the key question from a message at church a few weeks ago.  Replace happiness with any type of word you like: success, promotion, healing, etc.  I've shared this with teachers and friends following tough conversations or in tough situations:  
How we respond to a situation truly defines us, not the situation itself.  Tweet this!  
I've had to remind myself of this quite a few times.  I'd venture to say that it is not a natural response to choose joy or to choose growth in failure or shortcoming.  At least for
me, my natural response so to retreat to someplace "safe" and wait for the pain to go away or whatever it is to pass.  In that place there is no growth, there is no joy.  And we quickly become something very unpleasant.

To choose a growth mindset in a choice to develop endurance, to increase our perseverance and grit! But, how wonderful when we choose to tie these two together.  How powerful the growth, how much greater the joy as we learn and grow!  Our perfection and completeness comes as a grow, learn and share our joy and growth with others.

How have you taken advantage of an opportunity to choose joy and a growth mindset lately?

Happy growing!


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