Friday, October 31, 2014

Your Must Reads?

Sure, we all have things that we read regularly.  There are so many amazing tools to help bring us the articles and posts we want and expose us to new and different things.  Two tools I use are Feedly and Zite. Feedly is my RSS reader and brings together the blogs and authors I want to come back to.  It displays them in a pleasing manner and also notifies me when posts are available (probably my favorite part).  Zite is a bit different.  This is my exposure tool.  This amazing tool aggregates reading by topic and then interests.  It is like a Pandora for reading.  It continually learns as you "like" posts and brings similar reading all together in your main feed.  You still have specific topic feeds that you can scroll through.  There are amazing things here.  If you haven't tried either of those tools, you should!
All that shared, what I really want to know is what your "must reads" are!  I have a number of things happening in my Feedly right now, but there is one place that when a new post pops in, I have to go read it right away.  Each day/week, I wait with baited breath for the new post.  Bernadette Jiwa's The Story of Telling blog is gold for me every time and is a must read!  So many connections to current interests and passions!  I also enjoy George Couros's and Will Richardson's posts, but neither excite me quite like the other.

Back to the question! What are your must reads right now?  What are the posts and people that when posted you have to read it right away?  What is that draws you to them and makes their thoughts so amazing to you?

Happy reading!


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