Friday, October 10, 2014

Are We Close or Are We Close? #SAVMP

The first SAVMP topic is about connecting with school community and after reading this recent Bernedette Jiwa post,  Close, Closer, Closest, the idea of the neighborhood school came to mind along with the following contrasts: are we close or are we close?  Are we a neighborhood school or are we a school in the neighborhood?

As a school community, we should evaluate whether we are near each other or are we connected.  Are we connected simply by the streets we live on or the subdivision where are house  or is there more?  The difference between the these contrasts is all about relationship.  The "more" comes with the opportunity to and intentional effort to connect, come together and understand one another.

How we address these contrast may be well informed by how we answer these questions: What are some the ways that you are close with your school community?  What are the ways that your campus is a neighborhood school?  Leave a comment!!



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