Thursday, September 11, 2014

Social Media & Schools: The Information Post

The next few posts regarding social media will dig into five (5) post types I have identified after meticulously sifting through a year's worth of posts (yup, that's how I spend my time :))!  Time consuming yes, but I believe there is value in knowing how we use the tool of social media so that we can use it more efficiently to build the level of engagement with families and brand that we desire!

The first post type that we'll tackle is probably the one that most got into the social media scene to use and probably why you chose to start a social media page for your campus or classroom.  The information post is pretty self explanatory.  Information posts can be:

  • Upcoming events
  • Reminders
  • Campus news
  • District news
At Eagle Ridge, information posts made up nearly 40% of all posts (Facebook) during the 13/14 school year.  In evaluating and drawing conclusions from that data, we were OK with that percentage because that was the primary purpose of the platform.  As we analyzed and refined the purpose to not only be a communication tool but also an engagement platform we are looking for a different balance in the coming year.

Here is an example:

The information post will most likely be the "bread & butter" of your social media posting. These posts will often generate follow up questions. As indicated in our norms, we welcome this so my principal and I are prepared to answer when the questions come or go seek the answer then follow up. If you are just jumping in to social media for your campus or classroom, information posts are a great place to start to get your feet wet and will be very much appreciated by your families. Your response will most likely be very positive!

Happy posting!


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