Monday, April 27, 2015

Blogging Advice from the Guy that Fell Off the Wagon

It's funny how you look at time different depending on the context.  Looking at the past two months I haven't blogged or shared through the lense of the last time I blogged, it seems like an eternity.  Through the lense of all the things that have happened in the past month  it's been the blink of an eye.  Oh my...

Not sure who's missed it besides me, but that, in itself I think, is a great sign.  For most, it is the latter of the above options.  Pretty sure you have found a couple other things to focus on besides the last time I blogged!  Haha!  But, this is an important outlet for ideas and thoughts and that is enough for now.  Maybe that is rationalizing and maybe somebody reading will leave me a comment and tell me so! 

So where do you start a again when you've fallen off the wagon?  Two thoughts come immediately to mind:
  • Accountability - hopefully that is what this post will be, but I've also brought a couple friends along side me to ask me and check in on me that I'm still at it.  They know it's important to me and the impact is has on me professionally.
  • Click Publish - I'm starting from square one again here.  It feels like it did when I first started as far as that feeling of "why bother" or "nobody else cares".  Those lies have abounded in my thoughts and have kept me from jumping back in earlier!  Don't listen to those thoughts because they are not true.  Whether there are two people reading or two thousand reading, I'm hoping there is a awesome thought refining process at work!
How have you gotten yourself back into the habit or process of writing?  Or anything else for that matter?  What is keeping you from (re)starting?

Happy posting!


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