Friday, November 7, 2014

Why Are We Paying for Voxer!? #SAVMP

I'm super cheap.  Paying for things that I can get for free or less is a "no, no" in my family of penny pinchers and Freddy frugals. I am especially this way when it comes to apps.  In most cases I can work with the free version of apps and if I purchase a "pro" version or a "full" version of an app, that is saying quite a bit about the app (or I got it free...).

I have not purchased the "pro" version of Voxer.  In all honesty, I only talk to Tom Whitford (@twhitford) on it semi-regularly because it is part of the #SAVMP cohort I'm a part of, and I've enjoyed that greatly so far!  But I don't need to pay extra for real walkie-talkie (that's what I though push talk kinda was), larger chats, never miss a vox, message forwarding, etc.  For the record, I will say the "pro" price seems pretty reasonable.

This past week, I've come back to an app named Zello which I was initially introduced to probably two years ago by a buddy of mine.  Some guys from my community group have begun using it for some accountability in our spiritual growth.  We're pretty excited about the opportunity.  It was the first time I'd used the app since downloading and using Voxer and as I reacquainted myself with it the big question came: why would I ever pay for Voxer??  Zello has the walkie-talkie feature, you can put as many folks in your channel (groups) as you like.  There are public channels that you can listen into and join.  You can share and forward messages received (don't think the direct download is a feature, you can do it by other means, though).  Here is the best part: you can do all of those things for FREE!  I haven't noticed any difference in the sound or message quality.  The only feature that Zello doesn't seem to have is the text option.

Let's talk value.  Monetarily speaking, there is a clear value winner, to me.  I can do all things on Zello I want to do for free versus paying a monthly or yearly fee for the privilege.  There is nothing like a great deal in that respect!  Voxer's value, as of now, is that, that is where people are.  The value of Voxer is that it is the hot item that and where the connection, collaboration and communication are happening on a pretty grand scale and there is little of greater value!

So, for the time being, I'll use two apps.  But be sure that when connection time comes I'll be pitching Zello as the option of choice!

Happy connecting!


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